Baby Steps

Car: washed. Vacuum cleaner: repaired. Car interior: cleaned. Room: tidied. Mail: sorted. Bills: paid. Printer: installed. Silly Halloween costume idea: decided. Blog: updated.


  • (re)Reading: A Story Like the Wind - Laurens Van Der Post
  • Reading: Desert Notes - Barry Lopez
  • Reading: Randald Bannerman's Boyhood - George MacDonald

I'm making a concerted effort to read in small chunks, and chew 32 times before swallowing... all these books are ones that need to be digested.

This weekend: camping

Next weekend: visiting New York

That's all for now. Coming soon: Pictures in less than 1000 words


Thought Soup

Long, long time. Sorry. Lots going on, but all on the inside. It's just been a weird couple of months. Seems like 28 is a good year to play emotional archaeology... but it's good. Hopefully we can rip off the barnacles, trim in the sails, pull this thing back into the wind, and get going again! That's the royal we - thank God.

Which reminds me - flat out weirdest bumper sticker of all time: "God was my copilot, but we crashed in the mountains and I had to eat him." Spotted at Whole Foods. I knew that place was odd...

Looks like a busy month coming up, though - playing music with Andy at his church next weekend, camping the weekend after that, and hopefully New York over halloween. Crazy. Not to mention doing an internal launch of the new CDC website sometime this coming week.

  • Watching: Lost in Translation; The Man Without a Face; School of Rock
  • Listening: Changing Places, by Tord Gustavsen; Graham Cooke
  • Reading: The Wisdom of Tenderness; The Lymond chronicles, by Dame Dorothy Dunnett (sleeping: severely deprived. Meredith, I blame you! Current location of Lymond chronicle books: in a bag, in the back of the closet, pending more important things like eating, sleeping, laundry, paying bills, etc.)
  • Thinking: Damn if I haven't spent the last decade and a half scared of dancing. Gotta get over that. Deepest apologies to my ex-girlfriend for what must surely have been a couple of the most horrible evenings ever. It wasn't your fault.
  • Wondering: What does it mean that I'm an American now? Lying in bed, thinking about the people at Guantanamo Bay, and getting a sick feeling in my stomach. Do we believe in human rights, or do we simply look after our own? Two years is a long time to be away from your family. Red Cross; Interesting Protest