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Dear Sir,

As one of the American citizens you represent in Washington, I would like to express my concern over the imprisonment without fair trial at in Guantanamo Bay. We believe in the rights and treatment guaranteed to us as Americans first because we are created equal, and second because we are Americans.

The imprisonment without fair trial for years, while subject to - if I understand it correctly - intentionally degrading treatment makes me less proud to be an American. I feel like the imprisonment on non-American soil is designed to deny people access to our courts, and the quirky "unlawful combatant" classification is designed to get around our own rules and the Geneva convention rules.

I understand that the Geneva convention only applies in limited circumstances, and that we cannot extend our courts to the entire world. But this sidestepping to obey the letter of the law while denying its spirit makes a mockery of the reasons for the laws. We cannot quibble our way out of believing in our principles.

I trust that you are doing everything in your power to safeguard our reputation, and to bring our behavior into line with our principles and deeply held beliefs, and I thank you for your efforts. I hope that the clearly stated opinion of one more of your constituents will provide you with a little more fuel!

Thank you for serving us,

Zellyn Hunter