Tyrannosaurs in F-14s

I was listening to "I saw three ships come sailing in" on Sufjan Stevens' Christmas album, and looking for more information.

I found an old carol, mentioned for its similarity:

All sons of Adam, rise up with me,
Go praise the Blessed Trinitie, &c.
Then spake the Archangel Gabriel, said, Ave, Marie mild,
The Lord of Lords is with thee, now shall you go with child.
                                        Ecce ancilla domini.
Then said the virgin, as thou hast said, so mat it be,
    Welcome be heavens King.
There comes a ship far sailing then,
Saint Michael was the stieres-man;
    Saint John sate in the horn:
Our Lord harped, our Lady sang,
And all the bells of heaven they rang,
    On Christ's sonday at morn, &c.

There's something magical about the imaginative willingness to place saints, disciples, Jesus and Mary in a boat, as sailors and musicians! It's a conglomeration of favourite images, bundled together out of sheer delight, with no regard for any kind of organizing principle. Oh God, awake my imagination, and let me delight in you and everything you have made, realistic or not!



Here's the newest member of our family: Born on Sep 23, 2005, Spenser is a black Standard Poodle. He's adorably cute, and the sweetest thing ever.

Why do you work so hard?

Hmmm. Why do you work so hard?



Does anyone out there use Skype? I just installed Skype, and I'd like to try it out to see whether it works on my computer. My usernam is zellynhunter