Sorry for all the small postings, but I just had to include a link to Large Canadian Roadside Attractions.

How come Reckless Mercy by Kevin Prosch is so good?

Damn. I guess you have to stay up until 1:00 in the morning debating truth once in a while, eh?


After that last post, I got this email from Trent:

I saw your latest post... I propose combining all your song bits into an Irish sounding worship anthem for a country boy band... Something like Revival in Belfast meets Lynrd Skynrd, but with more teen / preteen accessibility... The music video could have some extreme worship clogging segments...



In the last two or three days, I have come up with the following:

  • a good idea for a worship song that could be twisted into a great idea for a country song
  • a nice Irish/celtic sounding melody
  • something that feels a bit like a rock ballad
  • a sweet boy-band sounding chord progression

As usual, they're only all fragments, with nothing complete... but they are mostly written down so I could play them later. Unfortunately, things usually sound bad when I play them later.


Well, I survived the first day in the new office, feeling a little groggy. I'm in that better get enough sleep or you'll get sick phase at the moment. Now I'm just relaxing, checking email, and listening to music by Reeve - good stuff.

Tonight I watched regular television for the first time in a while: Star Trek the Next Generation, which shows on Spike TV. Judging by the commercials, Spike TV is the network for stereotypically immature men. With the avalanche of Valentine's Day spots urging me to spend money interleaved with swimsuit model show ads, I decided it was more healthy to leave the room between segments, and managed to successfully wash the dishes, make a cup of tea, and do my laundry while enjoying Star Trek on TV. See, now in England, you couldn't do that - there just aren't enough breaks, and they're too short!

Okay, I'm off to see what God and my journal have to say to me tonight, and to continue the most fascinating journey through the fourth chapter of Hebrews by one more sentence.


On watching a movie

When I talked to Reeve about Big Fish, he said it was one of his favourite movies ever. That added to my feeling that I hadn't adequately savoured the film the first time around: missing the first twenty minutes made it difficult.

So before I went to see it again, I let myself indulge in a little anticipation to get in the right frame of mind, and even shot off a quick prayer that I would appreciate and enjoy the movie properly. Well, the first twenty minutes turn out to be rather important. And the movie was even better the second time around than the first, earning a current place on my "favourite n movies of all time" list!

Some may think it strange to talk with God about enjoying a movie, or to take it so seriously. But enjoyment is important; the battle to experience and appreciate rather than observe and evaluate is one I have fought often, and won more by grace than by determination. The capacity to feel, to believe, to perceive the myth and the magic and the story, to risk — this is what the struggle is for. And the victories, indeed my very life, I owe to God, and to a small collection of godly people who have shown me and reminded me and put up with me when I forgot.


I'm avoiding doing my taxes, blogging. Sorry for the recent lack of substance: writing on a website is easy when you have a lot going on, exploring places, doing interesting things; writing on a website is hard when you have a lot going on, exploring feelings, learning interesting things. My journal is getting all the action at the moment.

Pictures! That's the trick! Here's me up in Ellijay:

Movies! I'm going to see Big Fish this weekend - I'm looking forward to seeing it again. Especially the first fifteen or twenty minutes - last time we were waiting for a friend who had already gone into the theater! It was a fun experience though.

Alright, taxes are calling my name. Time to give my money to the man.