Long Time No Post

Okay, since I haven't posted for a while, and since I haven't thought about Sufjan for a while, here's a couple of articles that I found interesting:

We had a fabulous but busy weekend. On Friday, we took Marta to Atlantic Station, Atlanta's new close-to-downtown outdoor mall, a cross between a couple of city sidewalk blocks and a shopping center. Right now the perfectly regularity of the brick facades, as they change colour and texture from building to building in an attempt to simulate a real grown city is a little creepy, since it's all brand new. The effect is something between Disneyland and a model railroad prop version of a city district. I'm guessing they went with a cheaper architecture firm, and should have been more daring. Of course, that would have cost much more.

Perhaps surprisingly, it's not as bad as it sounds, and I think it will grow into itself over time, especially as it gets busier. The Atlanta skyline definitely helps. It was fun to take public transport and walk, instead of driving.

We were there to see H.P. That's Harry Potter for you non-teens. The auditorium was large and full of kids and teenagers, which was fun. The movie was pretty good - I think I may have to buckle down and read the books at last. Damn.

On Saturday, we helped Nathaniel and Shauna (Bevin's brother and his wife) a little as they put new floors into their house before the baby arrives, and then went to a church fellowship, where we sat outside and roasted marshmallows and talked. Yesterday, we skipped church, had brunch with Rob and Mindy. It was great to see everyone.

Now we're ready for Thanksgiving, which is interesting, because all plans are tentative: we have no idea when Ian Sims will be born! We're going to be Uncle Zellyn and Aunty Bevin for the first time, so we're very excited.


Halloween in East Point/College Park

This year's halloween showing in Eagan Park was a little disappointing compared with last year's - we have tons of candy left over. However, we did get to see some cute princesses and spidermen and crocodiles and vampires, and hand out a good number of treats.

Since things were kind of slow, we decided to go on over to Rugby Avenue in College Park, where they have thousands of kids trick-or-treating. We saw a corpse in a coffin, got attacked by zombies, listened to a halloween choir singing "The Twelve Days of Halloween," and people-watched all the way down the street and back up. Unfortunately, we forgot to take our camera, so you'll have to make do with 126 words.