The other day at Whole Foods (hah, no comments!), I saw a guy in worn corduroys, with those striped almost-bike-shoes, a tight logo'd t-shirt, and shaved head, and it all suddenly started looking like a uniform. I wear my Genuine South African Scruffiness™ with pride!


Cool Carpet

Okay, so I promise to post something about me sometime soon (hi, Mom!), but for now, I really love this carpet. I want one!


Accidental Heroism

For some reason, I think Seth Worley will appreciate this story about accidental heroism.


Uncanny Valley

This seemed creepy to me. Cool, but creepy. Maybe it's the Uncanny Valley effect. Maybe it's just the fact that there's no face behind that visor. I suppose robots will be running after people with guns eventually.


Your carefully defended certainty crumbles inwards

Liar, Lunatic, Lord, or Legend? A sad story? I think disbelieving your lame-duck idea of God is progress. Hopefully he won't stop there.

If God is real, we all need His idea of Him, not ours.


One Year

One year ago today, Bevin and I were married.

It has been the best year of my life so far.

We're no longer newlyweds, technically :-)