After thinking vaguely about it for months, I finally decided to buy a house. As with almost everything else I've done in my life so far, I didn't shop around properly.

Norma, who has renovated fifteen or so houses in Eagan Park, including Ash and Carrie's house, built one new house. It is beautiful, and I was really taken with it. However, I also really liked Ash and Carrie's street, and their neighbours, and the new house was about 1/3 to 1/2 a mile away, and on a busier street. No big distance, and still really close, but not close enough to see people hanging out on the porch playing guitar and hop over for a beer. I explained my dilemma to Norma, and couldn't believe it when she offered to build me the same house on their street! I spent Friday afternoon in amazement thanking God for his ridiculous kindness, told everyone who would listen about it all weekend, and signed a contract on Monday. Norma says she can have it done by July 20th, which I think is crazy, since it's an empty lot right now. So yeah, I'm having a house built for me... crazy, huh?

I'm hoping to take a picture each week, so I can get that whole time-lapse house-building thing going on. And the full geek details (overhead hi-resolution ortho-photo from seamless.usgs.gov, GPS coordinates, etc.) will come soon!

Eagan Park is right next to the airport, but on the northern side, so the planes don't fly overhead - all the runways are oriented East-West. It's a small, self-contained little neighbourhood, with quiet-ish streets where kids can play and all that stuff. East Point is not huge, but it has several interesting places to eat - Bevin and I have tried a couple on Wednesdays before our small group, and it's not uncommon for the small group itself to ditch our scheduled programme and head out somewhere for a drink (the Corner Tavern on St Patrick's Day, and the Brake Pad last week). The wait-folk know Ash and Carrie by name - how sweet is that?



"we are visiting a guy who didn't recieve his papers. Calendar show that something was planned for a Saturday in April 26. Judging by stuff that he left at the door, he obviously went for fishing."

"I wonder how this guy feel, who once went for a fishing trip and who was not able to return home. It is like you life is cut on two pieces. in one is you slippers still under you bed, photos of a first love that left on piano.. in other is you yourself, you memories and a fishing rod."

http://www.angelfire.com/extreme4/kiddofspeed — you should check this site out now.


Last night, I was up until after midnight - we were practicing Irish music for tonight's (early) St. Patrick's Day party at the Robbins residence. We're doing some jigs and reels, a couple of Waterboys songs, three U2 tunes (hey, they're Irish, right?), and - best of all - four by the Pogues. For sheer all-out fun, the Pogues can't be beat. I have listened to the CD Abe made for us countless times - they sing so badly, and the music is so messy that it took a half dozen listens before I could even figure out the chords. Good stuff - I can't wait!