Cumberland Island and Harry Potter

Cumberland Island... was magical and beautiful: We saw wild horses within arm's reach, sand dollars lying on the beach, miles of empty white sand, endless live-oak forests, ruined and restored mansions, lovely dunes, and a friendly little armadillo. However, we managed to visit during some kind of heat-and-humidity wave, with the heat index hovering above 110, and once we had seen everything there was to see nearby (within 7 miles or so by bicycle), we decided that it would make more sense to enjoy than to endure our vacation time. We returned early and enjoyed our air-conditioned house thoroughly! Hopefully we can return sometime in cooler weather.

For much of the time, there was nothing to do except reading and trying to avoid the heat, so Bevin and I read two books each in about three days! For me, it was the sixth and seventh Harry Potter books, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The last two books seemed much less evil than the earlier ones (I think I've only read books one and two), and by the time I finished the final book, I was quite sad to part with the now-familiar cast of characters.

For all you Harry-Potter-haters, I'm fully aware that you now think I'm either irretrievably lowbrow, or sliding down the slippery slope towards witchcraft and sorcery. I don't care: I'm too busy buying pentagrams. At Walmart!

If you Care

For the reference, Bevin and I really enjoyed Knocked Up. Nobody else that I've talked to that's seen it seems to agree. YMMV. (If you do try to see it on video, I would guess, judging from our experience with The 40 Year Old Virgin, that you should avoid the "Unrated" version like the plague.)