Tim Bray on Republicans

There may be one or two Re­pub­li­can read­ers out there, and to them I’m sorry, but in the Dubya-and-since era, treat­ing that party as sub­stan­tially ei­ther crazy or stu­pid is a fairly main­stream po­si­tion. Pos­si­bly the Re­pub­li­cans are right that ho­mo­sex­u­al­ity weak­ens mar­riage and tax cuts don’t cause deficits and im­pris­on­ing a world-lead­ing pro­por­tion of your pop­u­la­tion in­creases pub­lic safety and dereg­u­lat­ing the fi­nance in­dus­try is good eco­nom­ics and in­vad­ing large Mid­dle-East­ern na­tions (then stay­ing) im­proves Amer­ica’s se­cu­rity, as does spend­ing more on the mil­i­tary than the rest of the world put to­gether. And maybe the rest of the world is wrong on these things. I doubt it, though.
-- Tim Bray