Bevin's Grandfather

This past weekend, we found out early on Saturday morning that Bevin's grandfather had died on Friday night. The funeral was on Monday morning at 11. It seems that he died peacefully while sitting on the edge of his bed getting ready to go to sleep, and just fell back - Bevin's grandmother discovered him there early on Saturday morning. He was 80 years old, and was still playing golf and hunting until just this past year.

We will all miss Papa very much. Our thoughts are especially with Granny, his wife of 58 years.



If we were to judge the United States by its penal policies, we would perceive a strange beast: a Christian society that believes in neither forgiveness nor redemption.Monbiot

This stuff doesn't seem to bother most Americans, which I find really strange. In the last election, I voted the anti-Guantonamo vote. But I didn't really even hear it mentioned as an issue before the elections.



I knew it! Nobody is getting their laser near my eyeballs!