Mini-update: No ethernet. After some discussion, I figured that I'm not likely to have more than one computer, and if I do, I can just use wireless.


Pink House, and Mike the Builder

Here's my house as it looked yesterday. Tonight I am going to run ethernet cable to all the phone/cable jacks, and this weekend they should have it drywalled. I'm sure things will slow down horribly after that! Unfortunately, Mike the Builder turned away as I took the picture! Maybe I'll get a better shot next time.

Bevin is out of town this week, and I miss having her around. She's doing a stream restoration project up in North Carolina.


Eagan Park

On Thursday and Friday, they framed my house. Here's a view from the window in the front room. The house on the left with the car parked outside of it is Ash and Carrie's house.

The view from my front room

Here's the house itself. Trust me, it'll look a lot nicer when it's done. For one thing, I'm going to see if they can move that dumpster out of the way...

Plywood House



Okay, here's a better one. After a trip to Whole-Paycheck...

Bevin, eating mushrooms and spinach

Yes, the Happy Birthday banner has been hanging up since Donna Marie's birthday party...

After dinner, Bevin, Andy and I went to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last night. As with Adaptation, I felt strongly affected by it and couldn't figure out what I thought right away. It was good, though. I'm always dying for Jim Carrey to do serious movies — I think he is quite talented, and doing only silly stuff doesn't stretch him.