Books Can't Do This

Check out this blog post about an online version of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Principles of Orchestration - you can watch and hear the score simultaneously! Crazy!



This is my new favourite internet site: zombo.com (make sure your sound is on)


Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend, Bevin and I went camping at Crooked River State Park. The main reason was to visit Cumberland Island, which was well worth it. Dungeness was a ruined mansion surrounded by green lawns, with wild horses galloping past dried-up fountains or straying beneath live oaks. There was a deep quiet, a mixture of the bright sunny emptiness of departed humanity found at battlefield cemeteries and the thick, shady reverence of a sleepy forest. Across the dunes, flat beaches stretched for miles. We saw a tiny deer, a huge crab, a living sand dollar, wild turkeys, wild horses, old-fashioned cars rusted to pieces. We will be back, camping there.

Alien Rain

A strange red rain that fell on India may be an alien life form. I may be really excited about that! It might be exactly like something out of the scifi books I read endlessly as a kid . If it's true, shouldn't we declare a holiday or something? A moment of silence? Our first encounter with alien life!

I wonder if they'll turn it into a health supplement - I mean, who needs echinacea and vitamin C? Give me 50mg of alien life form comet dust! Wave goodbye to allergies, colds and flu, and wondering whether we're alone in the universe.

Bogus Competition III

This time with comments from the artist, Brian Dilg.

My small part in fighting the false images bombarding us from magazine covers.