I Want - Part II

To go to China.

Random Theological Post

Here's an interesting article on the Catholic view of a literal six day creation, “Reading Genesis with Cardinal Ratzinger.” I love Cardinal Ratzinger's frank questions: “Is the distinction between the image and what is intended to be expressed only an evasion, because we can no longer rely on the text even though we still want to make something of it, or are there criteria from the Bible itself that attest to this distinction?”

Sometimes I think that if I did not feel catholic enough to claim unity with all of Christendom, I would follow Chesterton down the path of Orthodoxy and become Catholic.


I Want - Part I

I want to work in a room with real walls, and windows that open when the weather is good, with a view to red brick and green plants through white wooden window frames. Preferably old and slightly peeling. I want the light in the room to change when the clouds and sun move. I want to be able to take a walk during the middle of the day without feeling that I should stay that many minutes extra at the end. I want to be able to leave early on Friday if I have worked well, not if I have worked 40.0 hours.