Almost done!

A Picture of my house, almost done

As you can see, things are moving very quickly. A week from now, I will have the keys! Crazy, eh?


No pictures, just news

Actually, I have a couple more pictures of the house, including the deck and the stonework along the ground, but I don't feel like slicing and dicing them and uploading them!

Things are about to get quite busy. I should close in less than two weeks. Crazy. There is a lot that I have to get done before then. It will be a little strange to move out of this house after living here for four and a half years, but I can't wait to be settled down in East Point.

Last I went to dinner with Ash and Carrie after rehearsing music for church. While we were sitting ordering Thai food, the baby kicked, and set Ash and Carrie off talking about being parents in just six weeks. I'm sure I will be doing my fair share of babysitting - it's going to be fun to be neighbours!

Blame Danny Gregory: Last Friday, I bought some watercolor paints, paper, liners, and a brush. Of course, I've only painted once so far. But I'm looking forward to learning. Go check out that site.



Last Sunday, Bevin and I decided to take advantage of the fact that we were already dressed up, and try to get a couple of decent pictures of ourselves. I think they came out pretty okay. (Click pictures for large versions)

I like this one better:

This one is a better picture of Bevin, but makes me look a bit like an animatronic robot (note the relaxed posture):

Isn't she lovely?