One word from God is worth a thousand from anyone else.


My Neighbourhood

Yesterday, I helped a couple of the neighbourhood kids fix flat bike tyres. I accidentally also let a bunch of kids into my house to run around and bang on the windows until I waved, etc. Turns out telling them they had to knock before entering was not clear enough - they simply knocked and entered while I sat in the driveway fixing the bikes and thinking, "Oops."

I'm afraid fixing those two bike tyres may constitute a binding agreement with the neighbourhood kids. I think I need to buy a few more repair kits...


Sunspots and Email Outages

Hi all. I have had a couple of people comment that they also saw a spot on the sun, so I guess it's official! Thanks for the email. Unfortunately, right after checking my email a few days ago, I unplugged my computer and took it over to my new house, where I have no internet connection (yet). So if you've emailed me at my zellyn.com email address, I'll get back to you eventually, once I set up a couple of wireless routers properly!

Other than that, things are going well. I was considering having a house-warming party on the 3rd of September, but it seems that is a holiday weekend, so I might do it on the 10th. Let me know if that sounds good. But don't use email!

Actually, you can email me at: z h u n t e r @ c d c . g o v