I found this while looking through old photos. It's Leo Jeng and me at the Geogia Governors Honors Program (GHP) during the summer of 1993. Beautiful!

Leo and Zellyn proudly displaying some cutting-edge technology.


At last, I'm back on the interent again!!!

Unfortunately, since I left my phone at the polka party last night, that is the only connection I have to the greater outside world!

So, if I fail to post to my weblog now, you'll know I have no excuse. Speaking of which... Last night's party was very interesting: it was the first time I've introduced Bevin to several folks from the St. Paul's crowd, and the first time in a while that I've seen quite a few of them. It was slightly weird for me seeing Amy, since I've been reading her blog, and I'm sure it was even stranger for Bevin, who had read her blog but never met her! "How's it going? How are your classes?" when you actually sort of fake-know what's going on because you've been reading the blow-by-blow! Hah. I guess perhaps the internet is evil after all!