Weekend Update, Y'all!

Okay, I'm cribbing Trent's Weekend Update format. So what?

Crazy Thanksgiving at the Sims household. Four generations in attendance. Bonus appearances by Chris McDaniel, and Joanna.
Sat on the couch, reading Anne (of Green Gables) books, and watching To End All Wars. It was decently made, not spectacular, but the story somehow drew us in and made a deep impression. Went to see Stranger than Fiction with Jeff and Cassie, and Steve and Brynn, a couple from my ADT class. It was a fun movie, and a really fun evening.
Sat around reading Anne. Went to a Ian's one year birthday party at the Sims household. Four generations in attendance again, with bonus appearances by Charles and Dawn, and Charles' parents. Ian was horribly cute, smearing an entire cake over his face, opening wrapping paper, hugging stuffed bears, and racing around in his new Radio Flyer wagon.
Went to church, went to lunch, got a haircut, stayed at home (reading Anne, playing music, tidying) while Bevin went to lifegroup with Nathaniel and Shauna and Ian.

Oh, and the whole while, Bevin was working on schoolwork, since she has a million papers and tests this week. :-(


Home Sick

Hi all. I'm home from work, sick. If I told you everything that we've been doing in the last few weeks, just reading it would make you tired, and possibly sick too!

I don't have a lot of blog-writing mojo right now, but I will leave you with an amazing video: Hans Rosling at TED