Being famous takes work

I haven't posted a fake beauty post in a while, so here's something in a similar vein: Celebrity beauty is a full-time job.

It's depressing how “attractiveness attributes” (low weight/high weight, no tan/suntan) match with whatever you'd need disposable income and leisure time to accomplish.


Who is Barack Obama?

The next president of the United States of America!

What to say? We watched the coverage at Ben and Jen's house, then drove down Peachtree and part of Auburn at about 1am to enjoy sporadic revelry.

I am excited and honored to have taken part in this historic election. I will proudly tell my children that I voted for Barack Obama.



Last night, we went to see Wicked at the Fox. It was awesome. We got the last two seats available, so we couldn't see the whole stage, and we couldn't hear a lot of the words because, well, it was the Fox, but it was still awesome. I am a total sucker for musicals, though: I even liked High School Musical, which we watched the other evening.

Today is perfect weather, part of which I spent dozing in the sun on the lawn at my parents-in-law's house, which makes a very nice end to a rather horrible week. I have been calling insurance people all week, and finding out that my poor Malibu is “totalled” — the repairs will cost more than 70% of the book value. RIP Malibu: 1999-2008.

I should edit this more, but I have vague intentions of following the one-post-per-day thing for November, so I want to be able to see improvement over time!